Rays of extended vision

{June 4, 2009}   Nobody knows

Nobody knows its empty
This smile that i wear ,
The real one is left in the past
Cox u have left me there…..

Nobody knows am crying
They wont even see my tears,
When they think that am laughing
I still wishing u were here

Nobody knows its painful
They think that am strong,
They think that this wont kill me
But i wonder if they were wrong.

Nobody knows am praying
That u ll change my mind,
They think i had let u go
When u left me behind.

Nobody knows i miss u
They think i feel set free,
But i feel am bound with chains
Trapped in the mystery.

Nobody knows i need u
They say i can do it on my own,
But they dont know am crying
When i am all alone.

{June 2, 2009}   I miss ma folks

Tomm s gonna b ma bday n am really gonna miss ma parents, fnds n all ma dearmost ones….. i never knew how tough it wud b to get away from fnds n stay in a new place…. i miss those fun, midnite messages n all the sweet scoldings from ma mom n esp kiddin ma bro….. oh ma god…. sweet memories…. staying out during night… staying online during nite times n sleeping all the day…. taking a long drive…. fighting with mom n fnds….bday recipe’s prepared by ma mom… surprise gifts, treats n outings with fnds n family  i miss those fun….

now am far from ma house n am gonna celeberate ma bday for ta 1st time without ma folks but stil got few fnds here n i guess tis s gonna b something diff….

miss u folks……  😦

{June 2, 2009}   My First Blog


tis s my first blog…. actually i ve never thought of blogging until i read abi’s kum’s n few of ma other fnds profile…. hmmm am not a gud writer but stil i can make it up i guess…… i guess i need to thank all of ma fnds who had been ma inspiration to start a blog….. thanx guys n happy blogging evryone

et cetera